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Sports Injuries

Whether you are a highly trained athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who is just trying to get back into shape, you may experience a sports injury. If you have experienced a sports injury or are looking to prevent a sports injury the chiropractors at Active Life Chiropractic may be able to help.

Sports injuries come in many varieties; there are slowly developing, chronic conditions often resulting from a muscle imbalance or incorrect biomechanics, that wear on an athlete, minor acute injuries that heal relatively quickly, more serious sudden injuries that occur spontaneously, and a full spectrum in-between. Doctor Kristina and Doctor Nathan Coppock have both the education and the experience to help you with any of the above types of sports injuries. Their involvement in treating competitive athletes while working toward their Masters degree in exercise and sports science, in combination with their Doctor of Chiropractic degree has provided countless hours of hands on experience with all types of athletes and injuries.

The goal in our clinic is to return you back to your highest activity level as soon as possible, and to avoid any unnecessary delays or setbacks in care. Many athletes dread seeking medical care because they are afraid that the doctor is only going to hold them out of their activity. This is exactly what we want to avoid, if at all possible. Activity is vital to rehabilitation from injury, and we make our best attempt to give our patients the tools and care necessary to recover without taking too much time off due to their injury. While this is our goal, some conditions do require that you take a break or modify your activity levels, so that your body can heal.

Leg Injury

As chiropractors it is assumed that we utilize manipulation for every condition we treat. However, this is just not true. Infact, with some injuries, it is best to utilize other techniques such as soft tissue manipulation, taping, stretching, massage or therapeutic exercise (For more information therapies provided see the Services Provided  page)

Regardless of how we treat your injury it is vitally important to us that you return to your previous level of activity if at all possible. If we evaluate your injury and determine that it is something more serious than we can treat alone we will refer you to another qualified physician who can work with us in managing your care.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or stop by the office.

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