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Dr. Nathan Coppock


Nathan Coppock was born and raised in the Tri-Cities area of south eastern Washington. In his pre-teen years Dr. Coppock began to play hockey, and after 26 years he still loves to play the sport any chance he gets.  During his time at Columbia Burbank High School, Nathan played Baseball, Football, and Tennis, and continues to enjoy the chances he gets to play recreationally. While in high school, and after, Dr. Coppock worked various jobs including working as a farm laborer, building/grounds maintenance, construction (framing, roofing, gutters, painting), and in retail work, so he has intimate knowledge of the types of injuries workers in those specific fields can sustain on a regular basis.

During his time at Washington State University Dr. Coppock began coaching youth ice hockey in Moscow, Idaho, and soon began coaching for the University of Idaho women’s club ice hockey team. Over the past few years Nathan has coached hockey teams of various levels and has served a variety of roles, most commonly head coach. This experience makes Dr. Coppock very familiar with the needs, and mentality of athletes in both competitive and recreational leagues. 


Treatment Philosophy:

Professional Experience:

Dr. Coppock received his undergraduate degree in general science and secondary education from Washington State University in Pullman. Following his time in the Palouse, Dr. Coppock returned to the Tri-Cities area where he began teaching Physics and Basic science at Kennewick High. After a two year stint at the head of the class, Dr. Coppock decided to begin a new chapter and enrolled at the University of Western States with his wife. From 2009-2012 Dr. Coppock worked diligently and was able to attain his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree in September of 2012, and in December of 2012 he earned a Masters in exercise and sports science (MS). Within the next year Dr. Coppock plans to sit for the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) exam to earn the CCSP certification.

Dr. Coppock believes that the health care of everyone, especially athletes and workers, needs to be a “team sport” with active participation from both doctor and patient. This belief drives his treatment, and new patients may be surprised to learn that with each new condition that Dr. Coppock treats they will receive exercises that they will be expected to perform to augment the care they receive in the clinic. It is the belief of Dr. Coppock that to achieve the best and longest lasting results all patients should be “doing their part” at home to hasten their recovery. Additionally, Dr. Coppock utilizes a multi faceted approach including, chiropractic manipulative therapy, soft tissue manipulation (see services provided page for more information),  taping, therapeutic exercise, and lifestyle modification advice to help his patients achieve their optimum health and wellness. Dr. Coppock also believes that Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists and other health care providers should work closely to compliment the care the patient may be receiving elsewhere. 

During his time at the University of Western States Dr. Coppock had the privelage to work at multiple clinics associated with the school. He treated at the UWS Campus Health Clinic, Depaul drug and alcohol treatment facility, Transitions Projects International, and the West Burnside Chiropractic clinic. At these facilities Dr. Coppock was able to treat patients from all walks of life, and with all types of ailments whether they be muscoluskeletal or more disease based complaints.

Additionally, while pursuing his masters degree Dr. Coppock had the opportunity to treat as a student member of the medical staff at the Oregon Sports Union's Mens 7's rugby tournament, The 22nd annual Pacific Northwest Muay Thai Camp, The Nike Tennis Championships of Oregon, the Canby Rodeo, and the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament. Additionally, Dr. Coppock worked with his instructors and classmates to provide treatment to the athletes at various high schools in the Portland area.

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