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Dr. Kristina Coppock


Kristina Coppock was born and raised right here in  Yakima, WA!!  Her pre-teen years were spent playing soccer for Yakima Youth Soccer, doing  karate at the Yakima School of Karate and figure skating competitively at the Yakima Ice Arena. In her teenage years she began playing hockey with the Yakima Sting Women’s Ice Hockey Team, joined the East Valley Marching Band and competed with the East Valley Devil Dancer Dance Team. Dr. Coppock continued playing hockey with the WSU women’s club ice hockey team while obtaining her undergraduate degree and she continues to play hockey currently in both co-ed and women’s leagues and tournaments in the Yakima area. Participation in these athletic events as well as trying many others along the way has given Dr. Coppock insight into the minds of athletes and experience with the many conditions which they may face on both the recreational and competitive level. Previous injury to her knee at a young age that was successfully treated by chiropractic has also shown her chiropractic's effectiveness first hand which she hopes to be able to share with her patients in her practice.


Treatment Philosophy:

Professional Experience:

Dr. Coppock received her Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology from Washington State University in 2006. Following graduation from WSU, Dr. Coppock moved to Tri-Cities, WA and met the Mr. Dr. Coppock. Three years, a marriage and a house purchase later, the Coppock’s enrolled together in chiropractic school at the University of Western States in 2009. The next three years were spent diligently pursuing her Doctorate in Chiropractic (DC) degree, which she obtained in September 2012. Additionally, during those three years Dr. Coppock pursued a Masters of Exercise and Sports Science (MS) degree to help her better understand the physiology and rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as helping to become familiar with emergency procedures. This degree was conferred to Dr. Coppock in December of 2012.

Dr. Coppock supports a team approach to healthcare, with the“team” including all medical professionals that aid in healthcare and most importantly, YOU, the patient. This is the idea behind her treatment.  New patients at her office may be surprised to learn that with each new condition they see Dr. Coppock for they will receive exercises and/or stretches that they will be expected to perform in between visits to supplement the care they receive in the clinic. For the best and longest lasting outcome it is most important not only that a patient is on board with the treatment, but that they are taking an active part in their healthcare.  Dr. Coppock has found that a multi-faceted approach to healthcare including chiropractic manipulative therapy, soft tissue manipulation (see services  provided page for more information), taping, therapeutic exercise, and lifestyle modification advice has been the most effective for helping her patients achieve their optimum health status. Dr. Coppock will also work closely with your other medical professionals to ensure you are receiving the best care possible and are able to obtain and maintain an active healthy lifestyle. 

While at University of Western States, Dr. Coppock had the opportunity to work at multiple clinics within the schools umbrella. Her primary clinic was the on campus clinic where she had the opportunity to treat staff and faculty of the school. She also did rotations at Depaul drug and alcohol treatment facility, Transitions Projects International, and the West Burnside Chiropractic clinic where she was exposed to people from various walks of life and with various complaints.

Additionally, within her masters degree program Dr. Coppock had the opportunity to treat as a student member of the medical staff at various high schools in the Portland area. She treated not only in the training room but as well as on the sidelines of many sports to provide emergency medicine, concussion management and acute injury assessment and treatment.  Other events Dr. Coppock was a part of through her Masters program were The Seaside Rugby Tournament, The 22nd annual Pacific Norhtwest Muay Thai  Boxing Camp, The Nike Tennis Championships of Oregon, the Canby Rodeo, the Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament  and The Portland Winterhawks training camp where she had the chance to meet and treat many athletes from all over the country.

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