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Here for all of Yakima's sports injury and chiropractic needs

Quality Care for All Ages & Levels

Our doctors strive to provide excellent care to athletes and non-athletes of all ages and activity levels.

Quality Care

For All Injuries

Our doctors have the knowledge, ability, and experience to provide quality care for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions or situations

Care Involves Many Tools

Doctors at Active Life Chiropractic will utilize multiple therapeutic techniques when dealing with your condition to get you back to 100%

We Take Care

of You

Our doctors strive for excellence through superior patient treatment and continuing education for both themselves and their patients

Meet the Team

Our staff and doctors believe that one’s health is comprised of many things, and we feel that chiropractic care should be one of them!  We provide quick pain relief as well as active rehabilitation to get you back to work and on with the activities you enjoy. However, this is only one step of many for a truly healthy lifestyle.  Balance is required in one’s life; throughout the entire body, physically, emotionally, mentally and nutritionally, to achieve optimum health and wellness. Anyone of any age can benefit from chiropractic care and we encourage you to do so!

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Directions to Active Life Chiropractic

Active Life Chiropractic is located in the rear of the Glenmore Professional Center near the intersection of South 48th Avenue and Tieton Drive in Yakima, Washington. You can access our building either from the enterance to the parking lot on Tieton, or at the enterance just south of the Conoco station on 48th Avenue. We are located in the south side of the building (facing away from Tieton Drive).

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